How We Raised £1,000+ for the LOROS Accumulator Challenge 2019

Posted on 25/04/2019 by Jon Tongue

The story began a month ago when our IT Recruitment consultant, Jouel Potter partnered with LOROS to raise as much money as possible in a period of a month for the hospice based in the heart of Leicester.  The goal was to come up with creative activites and events that will involve the whole office to partcipate in, thanks to the competitive nature of our business, we split the Leicester into teams of 4 and they partcipated in events that would score them points based on their performance in that activity, along with scoring additional points for sponsorship money raised by the teams.

Why Support LOROS?

Finding a place that is calm, quiet and very different from the typical stressful work environment of a hospital, in a time of need, LOROS creates a peaceful, caring environment for the only the patients last few moments of their lives, but for their loved ones.

The LOROS Hospice care eases family anxiety, as hospice professionals are on-call 24-hours, allowing the family to rest in between visits. They can offer patients what they need, along with wholeheartedly respecting the patient's needs.

Patients are treated at the Hospice and in the community based upon clinical need, regardless of background and the ability to pay.

It costs LOROS £8.2 million each year to be able to deliver their services. The NHS does provide LOROS with some support, but LOROS still need to raise at least £6 million each year from Leicesters local community to continue growth and progress

To find out more information, we have shared a link below that showcases all of LOROS' heartwarming stories.